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Glaucoma Screening and Treatment at Midway Optometry

At Midway Optometry, our team specializes in screening patients for glaucoma and we welcome the opportunity to provide this service for you and your family. Glaucoma is an eye disease that we can detect early in patients, and the earlier this condition is discovered, the sooner we can develop a treatment plan. We want to remind you that because symptoms of glaucoma may not be evident to patients in the earliest stages, it’s crucial that you come in for regular examinations to rule out this disease.

About Glaucoma Screening

If you’re unfamiliar with glaucoma and the process of glaucoma screening, an introduction is in order.

Glaucoma is a disease that will damage the optic nerve. The illness is considered progressive, meaning that it tends to get worse over time, when left untreated.

Patients typically experience an increase in pressure in their eyes when they have glaucoma. This pressure interferes with fluid draining. As fluid continues to build up, it puts pressure on the optic nerve.

Glaucoma may not cause any symptoms to alert patients about the disease in its earliest stages. Patients who do notice these symptoms report a reduction in their peripheral vision (when you look out of the sides of your eyes).

People at Higher Risk for Glaucoma

One of the major causes of glaucoma is high blood pressure, which sometimes raises ocular pressure to exert too much force on the optic nerve.

Certain populations of people are more vulnerable to glaucoma then others, but the level of glaucoma and damage will vary between individuals because of their varied backgrounds. Those with a higher risk of glaucoma include people who are aged 60 and up, African-Americans and Mexican-Americans and individuals who have a family history of glaucoma.

If no treatment for glaucoma is provided by a medical professional, the progression will lead to a loss of sight in the central field of vision. Ultimately, glaucoma will result in blindness without medical intervention, which underscores the importance of coming in to your optometrist for regular eye examinations every year.

Treatment Options for Glaucoma at Midway Optometry

Each patient that comes to Midway Optometry will have unique circumstances that will require a specialized treatment plan, which the doctor will create for you after a consultation and thorough examination.

Options we can provide for treatment include a prescription for eye drops, which will help in lowering the pressure in the eyes and stop further damage to the optic nerve.

For some patients, laser therapy is indicated, as it can cut down on the amount of fluid that has been building up in the eyes. Your eye doctor may recommend glaucoma surgery if this is needed to bring fluid drainage to a more normal rate.

Set an Appointment for Glaucoma Screening With Your Optometrist in San Diego

If you or a loved one may have glaucoma, there is no time like now to arrange for a consultation and exam by your preferred optometrist in San Diego. To learn more about our approach to screening glaucoma or to request an appointment with the eye doctor, we encourage you to connect with Midway Optometry today.

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