VSP? Eyemed? Davis? Spectera? What is your vision insurance plan in San Diego?

Looking for an eye doctor in San Diego?

When patients are researching eye doctors in San Diego, it's important to ensure your preference for a provider accepts your vision insurance plan. 

Why vision insurance?

Vision insurance pays for itself because glasses or contacts are considered a medical device and when you choose good quality frames, lenses and contact lenses that work just right for you, it will cost money.  This makes a good vision insurance plan imperative as it will cover, not all, but certainly a majority of the costs.  

What plan is best?

Some folks do not have a choice because their company offers only one plan, but others have options.  When options are offered, it's best to review each plan according to your needs.  Do you prefer contacts or glasses?  Each plan spells out its specific coverages.  Do your homework, research providers, make an appointment and feel proud of yourself for making a decision on moving forward in self-care. 

VSP, Eyemed, Davis, and Spectera are some great vision insurances that are available in San Diego and taken by many eye doctors.  

At Midway Optometry, we gladly take all those vision insurance plans and more.  While looking around for an exceptional eye-doctor, be sure to do your homework by clicking here


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