Vision Insurance that works for the patient

Vision insurance is an important part of your eye health, lifestyle and needs.  Coverage from a good vision insurance plan is beneficial for you to get the comprehensive exam, preventative care and prescription eyewear that fits your lifestyle. 

At Midway Optometry we assist you in, not only using your insurance to the fullest annually, but we educate you so you can get all the benefits that are ideal for your unique needs and desires. 

Some people insist on wearing only contact lenses.  Others want glasses and contacts depending on their event schedule.  Some folks insist on a pair of glasses for every situation like computer use, to readers to distance glasses with sunglasses on the side.  Due to advanced technology and superior lens intelligence, some individuals want one pair of glasses that do it all, hence the progressive with photochromic lenses.  

Whatever you desire, we at Midway Optometry in San Diego have every option you can imagine and even more, including Enchroma glasses for those who are color blind, also known as color deficient.

The exciting part is when a patient exclaims, "No one has ever explained my insurance benefits to me, thank you." As each patient desires, we educate them on their insurance contributions, the patient's copays and what each has to offer that works for the patient's needs, not the insurance company. 

The sad part is, many have excellent plans but leave money on the table by not using their coverage annually.  If you have vision insurance you either use it, or lose it.  

Some of the plans we participate with here at Midway Optometry are Davis Vision, Eyemed, MES Medical Eye Services, Superior Vision, Tribal Health, TRICARE and VSP.  

Don't have insurance?  No problem, just go to or call 855-926-8877, most plans start immediately and then just give us a call at 619-224-2973 and we'll schedule your eye doctor appointment.



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