Pros and Cons of Glasses and Contacts

If you suspect or have recently been informed by an optometrist after an eye exam that you need vision correction, you’re probably wondering, which is best, contacts or glasses? Both are available from Midway Optometry, and we’ll be glad to help you decide. Here are some of the key differences of contacts vs. glasses.

Pros & Cons of Glasses

Glasses are an excellent choice for daily vision correction. They last for a long time - a year or more - only needing replacement when your prescription changes. Unlike contacts, there’s no need to use moistening drops or perform nightly rinsing and cleaning.

As a style accessory, glasses beat contacts hands down. You can choose a frame that expresses your personal style or go with a classic design. They also have the advantage of effective multifocal ability. That means that part of the lenses can be for close up vision, another part for far away, and even a third part for mid-distance if necessary.

Pros & Cons of Contacts

Contacts provide excellent vision, including enhanced peripheral vision you may not obtain with glasses. They are very useful for sports and active pursuits because they don’t have the tendency to slide if you sweat, which glasses can, and they also won’t fog up. Once you have them on, you won’t be able to see them, only see through them, with newly sharp vision.

On the downside, it’s sometimes necessary to apply re-moistening drops, especially in locations where the air is particularly dry. Also, while bifocal and multifocal contact lenses are available, they don’t work for everyone. This can lead to problems reading material that’s close up, such as a menu or cell phone, even while obtaining excellent distant vision.

In addition, you must clean your contacts periodically. In most cases, this means every night they need to be rinsed and stored in a case. Some contacts can be worn for extended periods, but they need to be cleaned eventually as well. Contacts also have to be replaced a lot more often than glasses.

Choosing Contacts vs. Glasses

If you’re still unsure whether to choose contacts vs. glasses, Midway Optometry can help you decide. Dr. Matthews and his team are happy to answer all your questions and help you determine the ideal choice. Many people opt for both, using contacts in some settings and glasses in others.

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