It's Time To Get Your Annual Eye Exam!

If it's been more than a year since your last eye exam with our San Diego eye doctor, now is the time to schedule an appointment with our team at Midway Optometry. At your eye exam appointment, you'll enjoy a comprehensive eye and vision assessment with our skilled and experienced optometrist. This includes everything from visual acuity and eye movement evaluation to an assessment of depth perception, how your eyes respond to light, and your overall ocular health.

The Importance of an Annual Eye Exam

There are many reasons to schedule your annual eye exam, even if you haven't personally noticed any changes in your eye or vision health. For starters, your corrective vision prescription can change slightly without you noticing, and wearing the wrong prescription can be further damaging to your eyes. By having an annual eye exam with us, we can make sure your corrective vision prescription is up-to-date so you can order new glasses or contacts as needed. This also ensures that you're seeing as clearly as possible.

Furthermore, an eye exam can sometimes reveal signs of eye health problems that you would otherwise not notice yourself. When we spot these issues early on, we can conduct the necessary diagnostics to determine whether you may be suffering from an underlying eye or vision condition. From there, we can get you the treatment that you need to overcome or manage just about any eye condition or disease with confidence.

And of course, if your eye exam turns up no change in prescription and no eye health problems, you can enjoy the peace of mind in having a clean bill of ocular health for another year!

Request an Appointment With Our San Diego Optometrist

If you're due for your annual eye exam, why not be proactive about your health and schedule your appointment with our San Diego optometrist today? You can reach Midway Optometry by calling our office at (619) 224-2973.

How long has it been since your last comprehensive eye and vision exam?

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