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Dry eye symptoms are very common, affecting about 48% of American adults. Dry eyes are also a primary reason for seeking eye care treatment at Midway Optometry in San Diego. If you have dry eye syndrome caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication on the surface of your eye, our optometrist, Dr. Michael Matthews, can help.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

You might have dry eye syndrome if you experience these symptoms:

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Under normal conditions, a constant layer of high-quality tears covers the surface of your eyes to provide lubrication and wash away dust that could cause irritation and infection. Inadequate tear production and low-quality tears cause dry eyes. Many factors increase your risk of experiencing symptoms, including:

Treating & Preventing Dry Eye

There are many causes and severity levels of dry eye, and treatment options vary. The most common place to start is with over-the-counter eye drops called artificial tears. These provide quick, temporary relief of dry eye symptoms for mild cases.

If over-the-counter eye drops prove ineffective for combating your symptoms, visit Midway Optometry and ask Dr. Matthews about getting a prescription for stronger eye drops. You can also learn about slow-release lubricants, tear duct plugs, and other treatments for more severe dry eye syndrome.

Schedule Dry Eye Vision Care at Midway Optometry

For helpcombating your dry eye symptoms, please visit Midway Optometry in San Diego for dry eye vision care. We’ll recommend the right treatments and prevention methods based on the severity of your case. To schedule an appointment, call 619-224-2973 today.

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