3 Facts About Glaucoma From Your San Diego Eye Doctor

3 Facts About Glaucoma From Your San Diego Eye Doctor

One of the most important reasons to have an eye exam as needed is because it helps to catch glaucoma early on. During an eye exam, an optometrist in San Diego does a screening for glaucoma. Here are three facts related to glaucoma and why this eye exam is so important. 

There is No Known Cure for Glaucoma

At this time, there is no known cure for glaucoma. There are treatments available to help minimize the spread of the disease and reduce any potential symptoms you may experience if the disease worsens. As such, early detection is important to ensure you get the glaucoma treatment you need to help prevent this disease from robbing you of your eye sight. 

Everyone is at Risk for Glaucoma

Another fact about glaucoma is that everyone is at risk for this disease. While it is more common in the elderly, it can develop in children or those who are in their teens or 20s. People often think that glaucoma cannot affect them so they put off seeing a San Diego eye doctor. Unfortunately, this is not true and you can be affected, so getting routine eye exams is the best way to catch this problem. 

Glaucoma Can Be Symptom-Less

The last fact about glaucoma is that it can be symptom-less, especially early on in the disease. Don't put off having your eyes examined just because you do not have any symptoms, problems or eye-issues. Once symptoms are noticed, it is too late to reverse them. As such, you want to have your eyes looked at so you can catch and treat glaucoma before any symptoms develop. 

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